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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2005|10:30 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

new lj username, this journal got boring.

add ittt

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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2005|01:15 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

Hey! NYC was amazing. The buses were really nice and the ride down went pretty fast. First we went to the United Nations, which isnt part of the US. Technically, it belongs to the 191 nations in the UN. That was pretty boring, mostly because my tour guide didnt seem to speak much english... Then after that we went to "El Rio Grande" for lunch. One word, yuck. It was really gross, even my salad sucked. Then after that we went to Times Square. That would have been 10000 times better but we only had 45 minuets to walk around. We saw the Naked Cowboy, And i was walking directly behind him, really close, i wanted so badly to slap his ass. But i resisted... I think Krista got a few pictues of him. We went into Toys R Us because its the largest toy store? yeah, so there was a HUGE Ferris Wheel in there. And guess who didnt go on it becuase she was too scared....me...Then walking back to the bus I saw them filming Law and Order SVU. I was so excited, i just wanted to run up to them and give them hugs, but again, i resisted. After that we went to The Metropolitan Museme of Art. Our group was lost the whole time, so we didnt even know wheater it was fun or boring. But everything looked the same!! After that we went home. We stoped at a place for dinner, but that was full so then we went to a McDonalds that was an hour away... On the ride home i got sick....ofcourse. I asked Ms. Proctor if she could give me like, asprin or something, but she couldnt, so i was like "i wont tell if you wont tell!" because i needed it sooo bad. I definately think it was a migraine... So instead of giving me somehting that worked, she showed me a bunch of pressure points i shud rub. That sure helped...not. I forgot to call my mommy so Sandra was nice enough to drive me home =]

Im going to Nolan's Baseball game soon, should be fun. I love watching him play, he's somewhat good, i would call him great, but that would be breaking the "I hate you, you hate me" rules.

"Stay excellent to eachother"
"Party on, dudes"
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Fat lips are in, right? [Apr. 14th, 2005|07:33 pm]
[Current Mood |soresore]

I love softball. Even getting hit in the face with a ball..okay, maybe i dont really love that. But fat lips lead to great conversation.

Speaking of softball injuries. Amanda jammed her finger tonight! =[

So how about that bomb threat? panics are fun too, even when its not at your own school.

NYC tomorrow, im phsyced. but waking up at 4:30 isnt always so fun.

143 choppy entries.
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This is my last update today, promise. [Feb. 10th, 2005|03:46 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Comment to be added
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2nd update in one hour. wooooo [Feb. 10th, 2005|02:07 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |Jesus of Suburbia]

01.) Name:: Shelley
02.) Middle Name:: Kristine
03.) DOB:: 10-29-91
04.) Age:: 13
05.) Location:: stoughton
06.) Eye Color:: brown
07.) Hair Color:: brown
08.) Hair Length:: below shoulders
09.) Height:: 5'3"
10.) Shoe Size:: 8 1/2-9
11.) Glasses or Contacts:: neither..since i "accidentally" lost my glasses
12.) Braces:: yepp yepp
13.) Single or Taken:: single
14.) Bad Habits:: a lot
15.) Fears:: ferris wheels, seagulls, fear itself
16.) Screen Name:: absolutedream7 (or shellbell1029)

::_**_:: School ::_**_::

17.) Where Do You Go to School:: OMS (unfortunately)
18.) Whats Your School Mascot:: black knights
19.) Whats Your School Colors:: black and orange
20.) Whats Your Favorite Subject:: science
21.) Whos Your Favorite Teacher:: Mrs. O'Connell
22.) What Do They Teach:: art
23.) Who Sits Next to You In Math Class:: Brennen!!!!!!!!!!

::_**_:: Love Life ::_**_::

24.) Do You Have a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend:: nope
25.) If So, Whats There Name:: ------
26.) If So, How Long Have You Been Together:: ----
27.) Do You Have a Crush:: nah
28.) Do They Know:: ------
29.) Have You Ever Broken Someones Heart:: so i've been told
30.) Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken:: who hasn't

::_**_:: Favorites ::_**_::

31.) Animal:: horse
32.) Color:: orqange/black/pink
33.) Person:: you!
34.) Subject:: science
35.) Season:: fall
36.) Holiday:: hmmmm prolly christmas
37.) Hobby:: ummmm?
38.) Sport:: field hockey
39.) Feeling:: hyperness
40.) Saying:: uhhhhhhhhhh?
41.) Word:: booty (lol my agenda....)
42.) Month:: October
43.) Clothing:: uhhh pac sun, hottpoic, old navy. whatever
44.) Jewelry:: bracelettes
45.) Food:: salad
46.) Snack:: chex

::_**_:: Friends ::_**_::

47.) Best:: i have a lot
48.) Daringest:: dunno
49.) Funniest:: all of them are funny
50.) Tallest:: hailey
51.) Shortest:: emily prolly. haha
52.) Loudest:: ellen, lauren, and other people depending
53.) Shyest:: ummm i dunno
54.) Smartest:: they're all smart... riiiiiight
55.) Blondest:: JILLY BEAN!
56.) Craziest:: If they weren't crazy they would be my friend....
57.) Nicest:: all<3
58.) Sweetest:: all of them<3
59.) Weirdest:: all of them<3
60.) Flirtest:: hmmmm ellen maybe? i dunno. whatever

::_**_:: Have You Ever ::_**_::

61.) Had a Wish Come True:: kinda
62.) Had a Dream Come True:: sure
63.) Broken a Body Part:: yepp yepp
64.) Fallin’ in Love:: once
65.) Done Something You Regret:: yepp yepp
66.) Tripped and Fell in Public:: helllll yessss! if you think no, you obvisly dont know me!
67.) Sang in Public:: yes....
68.) Cryed in Public:: yepp yepp
69.) Kissed Someone Besides Family:: yepp yepp
70.) Been in a Car Crash:: yepp yepp

::_**_:: The Last ::_**_::

71.) Thing You Did Before Getting on the Computer:: changed out of my soaking pants.. hahaha
72.) Person You Yelled at:: nolan
73.) Person You Hugged:: emily! hahaha
74.) Person You IMed:: uhhh idk, im away right now...
75.) Time You Cleaned Your Room:: clean? me? my room? HAH
76.) Song You were Listening to:: St. Jimmy
77.) TV Show You Watched:: the news at centerfields!!!
78.) Movie You Watched:: boogieman
79.) Time You went to the Movies:: last week?
80.) Time You Cryed:: uhhhh... not for a while
81.) You Took a Shower:: this morning

::_**_:: This OR That ::_**_::

82.) Coke OR Pepsi:: pepsi
83.) Tall OR Short:: uhhh whatever?
84.) Flowers OR Candy:: candy
85.) Math OR English:: english
86.) Blink 182 OR Sugarcult:: blink 182
87.) Mickey OR Minnie:: minnie
88.) Middle School OR High School:: high school... durr
89.) Boyfriend OR Girlfriend:: female lovers. hahahahaha
90.) Single OR Taken:: single

::_**_:: Word Association ::_**_::

91.) bead:: bracelette
92.) bed:: sleep
93.) sexy:: beast
94.) phone:: ring
95.) tough:: town
96.) neato:: swell
97.) leather:: ew
98.) weird:: me
99.) so:: bored
100.) easy:: hard
101.) test:: death
102.) nerd:: you
103.) falling:: down...all the time
104.) air:: breathing
105.) hot:: EMILY! hahaha

::_**_:: Random ::_**_::

106.) do u sleep with a stuff animal:: not unless you count my mooshi pillow
107.) do u like snowballs:: sure
108.) are u in school:: nope, not now
109.) do u like to swim:: yes
110.) are u funny:: i dont try to be
111.) wut do u think of water:: me? nooo, neverrrr
113.) have u ever been to maryland:: nope
114.) have u seen “chasing liberty”:: nope
115.) are u happy this survey is over:: hellll yesss
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2005|01:47 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |St. Jimmy* Green Day]

I got into the spelling bee. How cool am I? It's the 15th, i predict a sudden case of the flu that day, and i will maracuously recover on the 16th. yepp yepp.

Early Thusrday was amazing. Prolly the best. Puddles, buckets, pins, automatic paper towel dispensers, diapers, and emily's bag really made it hallarious. You dont even want to know. And randomly when the waitress came over rachel scream at her "CIARA'S A MAN!" and she waitress was like omg no way! haha then we had a conversation about it with her. That was interesting.

Im getting Emily's bag. and that's that. If i have to i'll break my old bag so i can get a new one. hmph.

im soaking wet and cold and hyper. the perfect combination....

I'll update later. maybe. if you're good.

peace outtt
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i really hate some people [Feb. 9th, 2005|04:48 pm]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]
[Current Music |Boulevard of Broken Dreams*Green Day]

dont call me a poser. bitches.
dont make fun of me behind my back like i dont know you're talking about me. bastards.
i'm frickin happy now so LEAVE ME ALONE. you think your sooo awesome. you're not. so fuck off.

okay, i'm done being mean.

school was school i guess. Yearbook was pretty fun, but my cd player batteries died. Im saddddd i have none left.

Ms. Kaitlyn Courtney is a trouble maker! hehehe. Kaitlyn, call me. i need to talk to youuuuu.

I have sooooo much homework. And, Mrs. Nadeau still has my story and i dont even think she read it yet. that whore. grrrowl.

peace out cub scouts.
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"I'm a bulemic bitch!" [Feb. 8th, 2005|09:35 pm]
[Current Mood |energeticenergetic]

Today was funn. School was actually okay.. Like, i payed attention in MOST of my classes...not all..

Art club was cacelled. booo mrs. oconnell. that whore.

I went over Lauren's house. Auntie Lynn and Karen were there. We have such a great time when we're together. hahahaha. And Marianne might have a "Happy Days" party. I cant wait! seeing as how i missed the last one (survivor one i think)

i really have nothing more to write about.

oh yeah.. NEVER eat Lisa's Soares's cookies. NEVER. i gave you my fair warning.

Im kinda hyper again. woooo.

one more thing, i stole kaitlyns shoes. and is she getting them back? nope. not anytime soon!
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TOUCHDOWN [Feb. 6th, 2005|09:00 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |1985-bowling for soup]

So, im sitting here in my new hat watching the superbowl. and im hyper. yay.

Today jackie and I went to the mall, i saw kim there! Yeah, so we went to pac sun and i was so excited because i thought i was going to buy the belt i've wanted since forever..but no. they didnt have it in stock. So i bought a shirt instead. haha. And then i bought a hat from hot topic and i made jackie buy me a green day pin to put on it(i ran out of money....) I <3 it. a lot. Then we went back to her house for the superbowl, i left at half time.

And now here i am, watching the game. yepppp. nothing to interesting.

What shall i write about.. hmm. oh, i know.

Dear mr. checkered belt,
WHY THE HELL WEREN'T YOU THERE TODAY?!?! i want you. you should be mine. But you know what? i replaced you with a shirt AND hat. so there, next time you decide to not be there, i wont care. okay i lied. i want youuuu.

I think i'm going to put my shoelaces on my field hockey bag. i hope i get my stick tomorrow, if i dont, i will be madder then i am.

I was talking to ellen yesterday, and this is what i said."im never sad anymore, happy happy. lets think happy thoughts...there's no place like home, there's no place like home..... Alas, i have the wrong shoes"... she thought it was kinda funny. as did i.

Im a fairy princess. and Tiffany is my friend.

the end.

go get em' boys.

And, im not forcing you, but please do this. thanks.

[[01.]] Who Are You?::
[[02.]] How Do You Know Me?::
[[03.]] What Am I to You?::
[[04.]] Whats My Name?::
[[05.]] Whats My Middle Name?(if you dont know, guess or skip)::
[[06.]] What is My birthday?::
[[07.]] Where do I go to School?::
[[08.]] What Grade Am I In?::
[[09.]] What was Your First Impression About Me?::
[[10.]] Does Any Song Remind You of Me?::
[[11.]] Am I Nice?::
[[12.]] Am I Athletic?::
[[13.]] What Sports Do I Play?::
[[14.]] Can You Always Count on Me?::
[[15.]] Am I Lazy?::
[[16.]] Am I Flirty?::
[[17.]] Have I Ever Had My Heart Broken?::
[[18.]] Am I Single or Taken?::
[[19.]] Would You Want Me as a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?::
[[20.]] Am I Hot or Ugly?::
[[21.]] Can You Talk to Me About All Your Problems?::
[[22.]] Does Any Song Remind You of Me?::
[[23.]] On a Scale of 1-10 with 10 being the Highest, How Well Do You Know Me?::
[[24.]] Describe Me in One Word?::
[[25.]] Final Question… Do You Love Me?::
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3rd update today..wow [Feb. 5th, 2005|11:53 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Current Music |almost*bowling for soup]

Okay, so i got my camera working again. i added to horses and ponies, ellen's house, and the school albums on webshots. yep yep

tomorrow is insane-ness with tiffany. that's if im home.. hehe
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